La La Land|2016

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Mia (Emma Stone Emma Stone) aspires to be an actor, but so far she still just set an ordinary coffee in the coffee shop, although to attend the audition, big and small, but mia harvest only failure. One day, in a party, mia, met called plug basting (Ryan Gosling Ryan Gosling) man, produced a small contradictions between two people at first, but soon, mia was plug basting shine’s talent and his pure pursuit of jazz, finally two people together.

In basting encouragement, mia quit coffee shop work, concentrate on to write their own script and at the same time, the plug basting in order to obtain a stable income, has joined a popular jazz band, he didn’t like modern jazz, he began to play was an instant hit. As time goes on, the two who strive to pursue their dreams become more and more distant from each other, and they have to choose between the ideal and the feeling.

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