Broke Girls Season 2|2012

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Following last season Max (Kate Dai Lin, Kat Dennings) cake got famous food critics in the magazine’s praise, excited to await the results of Max and Caroline (Beth than urban Beth Behrs) but has not been a reply. The two had to continue working in small restaurants in brooklyn, New York, to deal with a variety of customers. Every now and then, Han Lee (Matthew Moy), an asian-american boss, and the chef Oleg (Jonathan Kite) and Max’s beloved cashier, Earl (Garrett Morris), make fun of all the time. The neighbours of Max and Caroline, Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge) from Poland, who runs a cleaning company, also visit restaurants regularly. A variety of people gather in the restaurant, from time to time to produce some hilarious and thrilling stories.

In this season, Caroline, met handsome and sweet candy shop owner Andy (Ryan hanson Ryan Hansen), low rented a murder happened store, Max and Caroline cake shop finally set up. But it’s not as simple as they think…

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