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High-end dental clinic dentist Cheng Haoshen and double identity, spare time is also a “love,” Mr, special ideas on the way of emotional person, but his love life is a blank. Cheng hao ran into a glib luo before a client’s wedding. The two men are full of troubles and dislike each other. But all this, after luo yue’s innocent encounter with “emotional swindler” married song ning yu, quietly changed. Mr. Song’s wife, gu yao, returned home after being hit by the news of her husband’s cheating. Zhang mingyang, cheng hao’s brother, met gu yao at the airport, and he was known for being “a good lover”. He had no choice but to seek the help of cheng hao. He was a secret lover of cheng hao’s university. Zou north industry as company CEO of mental pressure, insomnia often drive car in the night to kill time, they encountered style changed joey Lin, two people away because of misunderstanding, finally with the help of Cheng Hao harvest for his love. The relationship between the city’s white-collar workers is so complicated that they eventually find the right partner and grow up.

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