Transformers: Age of Extinction|2014

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In the brutal Chicago war, the autobots managed to repel the decepticons, but they also lost the trust and respect they deserved. The cia’s “tomb raider” forces indiscriminatly kill all transformers, and the car and decepticons are all missing from the earth. One day live in Texas and mechanical inventor cade eagle (Mark wahlberg Marky Mark) bought a battered truck front, but it turns out to be the autobot leader optimus prime in dormancy. The scent of the tomb raiders swarmed, and the wake of the wake of optimus prime rescued the cade family, and scattered in every corner of the car contact. Crazy human, on the other hand, scientists from the transformers in the wreckage of the learned the secret of their deformation, and attempts to create artificial diamond, and sprung from megatron galvatron is their favorite works and death warrant a god of death.

A new round of crisis, the earth is facing a bigger disaster…

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