Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen|2009

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The army and the secret of the autobots partnership facing danger, has been canceled and resurrected megatron and starscream leads the decepticons army, plot to seize power source, to the earth in a violent confrontation.

At this time the hero Sam (Shia LaBeouf Shia LaBeouf went), say goodbye to his girlfriend’s michaela (Megan Fox Megan Fox), to start their dream university life, but everything seems to be not so smooth, a small pieces of rubik’s cube seems to give some enlightenment to Sam. In order to obtain information from the rubik’s party, the decepticons began the pursuit of Sam, and optimus prime was sacrificed to protect Sam, and Sam was called upon to take up his mission again.

Sam in his roommate Leo (Raymond Rodriguez, Ramon Rodriguez) and “machine warrior” simmons (John thor toro John Turturro), with the help of with girlfriend michaela Sam on the rubik’s cube fragments hint came to Egypt, they found that the energy source in the pyramid. By this time, the decepticons had arrived in Egypt. At this time, a small army of men and women came to Egypt with the body of optimus prime, and the forces of good and evil fought in the golden desert.

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