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“Decepticon” the advance team of cyclones and scorpion attacked the U.S. use of military bases in Qatar, at the same time, the roadblocks to help his partner confusion into the President of the United States machine air one, through the computer to learn, to find megatron, you must find the pair of glasses, witwicky family with megatron information about energy blocks scan, and it is now the owner of the Sam witwicky (shia labeouf, act the role ofing) became the target of “decepticon”.

Sam was a high school student, and no one in the school believed that he was telling the history of the glasses. He was disappointed that Sam put them on the Internet auction, but he never caught the interest of the buyer. At that moment, the father gave him a broken car, which happened to be the deformation of the bumblebee. Bumblebee help Sam made beautiful girlfriend (megan fox), but soon encountered “decepticon” attack, optimus prime with other “autobots”, a robot war began.

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