Prison Break Season 2|2006

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In the first quarter of the last episode, when Michael (Wentworth Miller, Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell Dominic Purcell), they ran to the gang leader aircraft sent abreu’s place, moored by pilot because of security issues before they left. The escaped prisoners could only look at the sky and sigh, so they began their own escape.

The FBI’s senior agent, mahone mahone, who became the head of the capture team under the authority of the vice President, decided to break it down one by one. On the other hand, Sarah’s father was killed because of the Lincoln case, and she began to believe in mike and get a hint of her father’s legacy. When Kellerman, the vice President’s man, went to capture Lincoln’s son LJ to take him hostage, he killed the LJ family, but was accidentally escaped by LJ. The lawyers who have helped Lincoln get more and more clues… All the intrigue seems to be slowly unraveling.

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