Prison Break Season 1|2005

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Michael (Wentworth Miller) and his brother, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), have been on the same side since their mother died and their father disappeared. Although Lincoln was a street man, he was able to get through his studies for his brother, and he borrowed $90, 000 from usury to tell mike that it was his mother’s insurance. With the money, mike became a structural engineer and stepped into the upper class. In order to repay the loan, Lincoln reluctantly agreed to the request of a strange man to shoot a man. When Lincoln came to the parking lot in accordance with the plan, he found that his target had been shot dead. In a panic, Lincoln ran home. The police soon caught him at Lincoln’s house, and the innocent Lincoln found evidence of his own. Mike finally in friends learned the elder brother all to himself, he very regretted his brother’s arrogance, after investigation, Michael believes that brother was framed, and against his behind the scenes may involve government officials. See all kinds of way can help brother exonerated, MaiKeJi up previously took custody of Lincoln’s fox river renovation project, where he has a complete set of drawings, so mike after a year of careful preparation, intentional crime into the fox river, he should be on their own will be sentenced to death in the Lincoln successfully rescued…

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